The Holidays @ Bee Balm

It’s been a busy, wonderful and wild holiday season thus far at Bee Balm! We’ve so enjoyed being in our decorated new location for the holidays, and have plenty of last-minute gift options for you including home decor, vintage dresses, ornaments, Naked Bee lotions, jewelry & when in doubt- gift cards!

Our remaining days open in December are as follows:
Wednesday, Dec. 15th 10-6
Thursday, Dec. 16th 10-6
Friday, Dec. 17th 10-6
Saturday, Dec. 18th 10-6

Tuesday, Dec. 21st 10-6
Wednesday, Dec. 22nd 10-6
Thursday, Dec. 23rd 10-6

We will be closed from Friday, December 24th through January 10th to take a winter break, do a store refresh and come back ready for 2022! We don’t want to say too much yet, but we are planning some fun new things for the spring of 2022… and don’t forget prom season will be right around the corner from January! Get ready to start bringing in those prom dresses starting Feb 1st!

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