Top 5 Reasons to Shop Local this Holiday Season

This year is SO important to Shop Local. Why you may ask? Because it’s 2020 and as you know, it’s been a challenging year for a lot of businesses in the U.S.

This year we hope consumers will take the time to think about where their money is going and make sure it stays local. Your community depends on it.

And here’s why….

  1. Small businesses give back to their community – When you spend money in your community, your sales tax stays in your community. You can help fund education, parks, and street improvements, not to mention vital services like local emergency services.
  2. Small businesses create JOBS – The Small Business Administration reports that local businesses added 8 million jobs to the American economy since 1990 while the expansion of large chains reduced jobs by 4 million.
  3. Local small businesses support local services – Independent local businesses go into their local community to buy the supporting services they need, including plumbing, electricians, sign makers and contractors for construction and accountants and lawyers to keep themselves operating.
  4. It feels good to help neighbors and friends succeed – There’s something special about knowing the owner of the store when you walk in. You can ask about family, congratulate them on their anniversary, and feel the comfort of familiarity.
  5. Small business = Sense of Community – Human beings seek a feeling of belonging and familiarity in the towns in which they live. It’s always a comforting feeling to see that poster of the basketball team or art show in the shop window.

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