Learn how to consign with us!

Clothing- Bee Balm accepts womens clothing and accessories for consignment.

Items must be:

  • In excellent used condition or in new, unused condition
  • Clean, unwrinkled, free of rips, stains, tears, pilling or missing buttons
  • Free from strong laundry scents, perfumes, pet hair or cigarette odor
    • Please note – if you are a smoker, it is recommended that you launder your items directly before bringing them to the store. If you smoke inside your home, we regret that we cannot accept your items. 
  • Relatively new (less than three years old) or vintage (greater than 30 years old) styles
  • Appropriate for the current season 

We do not accept intimates, lingerie, socks, swimwear, replica designer items, athletic wear, suits.
No Target, Walmart or similar brands, please. 

First time consigners should call to set up a time to bring in your items. You will be assigned an ID number, which your items will be labeled with in the store. 

Items will be tagged, priced, dated and placed out in the showroom for a period of 90 days. If the item has not sold in 60 days, it will be marked down in price (up to 50% off) for days 61-90. Items not sold after 90 days must be picked up by the owner. Any items not claimed within two weeks after the end of their 90-day consignment period become the property of the store. 

We may not accept all items- it is not personal! Items may be declined depending on condition, style, fabric, how many similar items/sizes are already in store, available rack space, current trends, etc. 

Other Items– We are looking for fun, interesting, well-made pieces and accept a variety of styles.
We accept items such as: small furniture, pottery, collectables, vintage, antique, decorative items.  

If you have items that are heavy, awkward to move or you are just not sure if we can accept them, please call ahead/send pictures – we have limited space, so this is highly recommended. 

Fees- The consigner agrees to split profits from items sales with Bee Balm 50/50. Consigners understand that Bee Balm cannot be held responsible for items that are stolen or damaged, though reasonable precautions will be taken to prevent such occurrences. 

Crafters- if you make your own items or refurbish furniture, the consignment fee will be reduced to 40% in consideration of the labor put in to creating your items. 

Payment- Checks will be issued on the first Wednesday of every month. Online Sales- Some items may sell better online instead of in-store. We have waived any additional fees for selling items online at this time and will list items that are in demand on our various online platforms!

Please contact us with any questions about consigning, we are happy to help!

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